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In today’s digital world, it’s very easy for anyone to post information online that could be devastating to your business’s reputation. Are you ready for that? Would you even know about it? The sad fact is that most businesses today don’t monitor their own online reputation.

For many years, companies have been eager to get to the top of Google search, but they fail to take into account what is included with their listing

Recently, Google has quietly been merging your company’s web listing with your online reviews. The result – companies paying big money to SEO companies for front page listings only to have their bad reviews visible to all.

What would be your choice if you were searching for a company and you noticed that they had a rating of 1 or 2, but they top the search results or the company lower on the page that had a rating of 5?

How to Manage Your Own Reputation Online in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Google your company. That’s right! Get used to doing a Google search every day.

Step 2: Respond to ALL reviews – Good and Bad; especially the bad ones.
WARNING: Do not get into an argument online with someone who left a bad review. Just kindly ask them to contact you to discus how you can fix the problem.

Step 3: Have your staff ask each and every customer/patient how they would rate your service. If you’re proactive in showing actual concern about the way your customers perceive your business – you can head off future problems down the line.

Step 4: Hire a company like Garry Owen Online to do all of this for you.

You can begin right NOW! Get your FREE reputation report by clicking the button below.  This $97.00 report is yours FREE!  But the information is worth way more than that.

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Your company was built on your reputation, yet you’re only 1 customer – 1 disgruntled employee or 1 jealous competitor away from a bad reputation


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