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If you’re trying to market your business online, you know you will never be successful without traffic. Internet traffic is the most coveted commodity of online marketers everywhere, and it’s not always easy to come by.

Excited new internet marketers will often create a new website with a great offer or product to sell, then sit back and wait on the traffic to come to them. When it doesn’t, they get discouraged and quit. Commit to keep this from happening to you!

Earning a living from an online business is hard work and requires a consistent effort. Creating a website or a blog is just the beginning of a successful career. The work really starts after the website is published, because there will be a lot you need to do to promote your site.

Luckily, advances in online media have leveled the playing field for the new online entrepreneur. Here are four things you can do today that can help you get traffic to your site.

#1: Facebook & Twitter

If you have a new product or business that you want everyone to know about, one of the fastest ways to promote it is to create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your new business and begin posting. Before you know it, all of your friends are posting and tweeting about your new offer and spreading the word about your business.

However, the biggest mistake marketers make is not posting enough information, or posting things that are irrelevant to your business. Your personal life has to stay separate from your business life on social media.

For example, don’t post about your friend that made you mad on your business Twitter account. Save that one for your personal account. But most importantly, don’t share what you think your business followers will be interested in, share what they have already shown you they’re interested in.

#2: Join Forums

Find discussion forums and blogs with high comments that are related to your business and register on them. Get involved in the conversations there and post opinions and information as often as you can.

When you post in a forum, you can usually include a link to your site. However, the key to posting in forums to drive traffic is not to sound as though you are only posting there to try and sell something. Offer useful information and people will begin to check out your site over time and especially when you link there in a comment.

#3: Video Marketing

This could be counted as a form of social media. However, video marketing is in a class by itself. For those who would rather watch a video to learn about a topic rather than read the internet, video marketing is a great way to gain traffic.

Use sites like YouTube to upload videos that showcase your product or service, and always remember to create a link back to your site in the video’s description.

#4: Article Marketing

In order to help push your website up in the rankings and gain traffic, you can create relative articles about your site and publish them in places like Squidoo and Hubspot. It’s free to sign up for accounts there, and you can include links back to your site.

While all of this sounds like fun, it is a lot of work. And although site owners who try to do this on their own have great intentions, it’s often too time-consuming to stay on top of everything you’ll need to learn and implement on a daily basis to gain traffic to your business.

But, there is an easier way!

My team of experienced traffic experts can drive traffic to your site for you, send me an email at garryowen@garryowen.biz and together we can come up with a strategy to drive more traffic to your site that won’t have you working 80 hours a week.

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